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Greek Press

AYLAIA Magazine, 2007
... "I have dedicated myself to Thessaloniki Opera and would like at some point to devote some time to my own personal artistic development. The dream of every maestro is to conduct at the most famous opera houses in the world and to work with the greatest orchestras. If I can hazard a metaphor: driving can be pleasant, but not so nice if the car has problems; some times it's expensive when - as a result of carelessness - you have to pay a fine or cover a sudden repair, or it can even be lethal - due to inexperience, or fate - when an accident occurs; often it can be annoying when there is a lot of traffic, even a nightmare when no parking spaces are available - but it is a joy in the car of our dreams, cruising along in the fast lane!" ...- Interview Vasilis Papavasiliou

www.classicalmusic.gr, 28.08.2007
...The public of Thessaloniki is in my opinion the most demanding and discerning in the country. The cultural life of the city has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 15 years. Of course, the problem of a lack of a venue still remains, as well as the absolute necessity of adequate funding for cultural organizations, so that the cultural life of the city can continue to flourish, creating a tradition, a significant statement which is missing in regard to classical music. Thessaloniki and northern Greece need a permanent Opera House, and it is in this direction that current political will seems to be steadily bending. An Opera House should not be considered a dream, but rather as something quite self-evident... Interview Sofia Xygala

..."It is the people who will bring pressure to bear on our political leadership, so that the city can acquire a bona fide opera. And the people seem to want an Opera House in Thessaloniki." Something which, however, may take some time. "I'm used to delays. A beginning has been made, and there is no turning back."...Interview Sakis Apostolakis

City Portal, 8/5/2007
...On the one hand, I believe that a viable independent musical theatre in the Balkans must educate its future audiences, on the other hand, such education about opera simply does not exist. Our goal was to draw in children and young people so that they could discover the magical world of opera for themselves, and we succeeded. Our ambition is to offer our still-young audiences intellectual yet unforgettable experiences... - Interview Anastasia Grigoriadou

www.classicalmusic.gr, February 2007
...Gender is a biological issue; the music that flows through our veins knows no gender. My musical interpretation of Rosalinde, or any other character, for that matter, could never be influenced by the fact that I am a woman. When I am at the podium conducting the Csárdás, I am possessed by Greek perseverance and Hungarian passion... - Interview Paris Konstantinidis

KATHIMERINI, 31/10/2006
...The Artistic Director of Thessaloniki Opera, conductor Lisa Xanthopoulou, caused a stir when, during a press conference, she addressed these questions to the General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Mr. Christos Zachopoulos, asking for a clearer view...

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